Useful Information and Tips

One can also buy ration at reasonable costs through the specially started Govt. Depots at Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panjtarni. Numerous tea-stalls and restaurants being small be of great relief. But, pilgrims are encouraged to carry making use of them biscuits, toffees, tinned food etc. to cater with their needs that are instant. Firewood or gas can be had at Chandanwari, Sheshnag, Panjtarni and near to the Cave.

A Yatri duly registered by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board for the Yatra 2012, having a Yatra that is license that is legitimate the SASB would be eligible to an insurance coverage target of Rs. One lac in case of death as a result of accident while undertaking the Yatra.

Insulated huts and tents are set up throughout the Yatra at different Camps. These are available on rentals.

Month get an enrollment done about an in front of the date fixed for the commencement of Yatra.

1. Prepare for the Yatra by achieving a known degree that is most of Fitness. You might be motivated to start at atleast
a month prior to the Yatra at the very least a Morning/Evening that is walk that is 4-5km. For Improving the oxygen
effectiveness of one’s human body, you should begin breathing that is doing is deep and Yoga, specially
2. Your journey shall involve trekking across high mountains, working with strong winds that are cool. You have to carry
(i) adequate woolen garments; (ii) a umbrella that is smallpreferably one which is tied with a musical organization that is elastic
around that person and supported by a band round the chin); (iii) windcheater; (iv) raincoat; (v)
waterproof trekking shoes; (vi) torch; (vii) walking stick; (viii) limit (ideally a monkey cap); (ix)
gloves; (x) jacket; (xi) woolen socks; (xii) pants (preferably a waterproof pair). These items are
Essential due to the known fact climate is extremely unpredictable and changes abruptly from sunny weather to rain
and snow. The heat can sometimes suddenly fall to 5 degrees Celcius or reduced.
3. For Ladies: saree is maybe not a gown that is suitable the Yatra. Salwar Kameez, pant-shirt or a track suit will be
better. Ladies who tend to be more than 6 expecting shall never ever be permitted to undertake the week
4. Keeping in view the type that is tough of trek, children below 13 12 months in age and individuals that are elderly
above age 75 years shall not be allowed to undertake the pilgrimage.
5. It would be better in the event that porter / horses / ponies carrying your baggage travel only in front or behind
You, since you may suddenly need one thing from your own baggage.
6. Through the Yatra from Pahalgam/Baltal onwards, you ought to keep clothes being eatables that are extra a
suitable water evidence case to ensure against their getting wet.
7. Carry a water container, dry fruits, roasted grams/channa, toffees/gur (jiggery), chocolates, etc to be used
during the journey.
8. Carry some cream/Vaseline/sunscreen that is protect that is cool arms /face against sunburn etc.
9. You need to not trek alone. Always travel in a group that is combined ensure that most those comprising the group,
walking right prior to you or in the trunk, stay static in constantly your sight, to ensure against your being
divided from their store.
10. Make it possible for action that is drawn that is prompt instance of any crisis, you need to keep in your pocket a
Note containing the name/addresses/mobile phone number of an associate that is known of team with
who you are travelling. You need to additionally carry your Yatra Permit and any other recognition card.
11. on your own return journey, you must leave the Base Camp along side all understood members of your team. In
Case any known member of your team is lacking you have to seek assistance that is immediate of Police and
have an announcement made on the Public Address System at the Yatra Camp.
12. All help is supplied by you that is feasible your other Yatris, travelling with you, and perform the
pilgrimage with a brain that is pious.
13. You’ll need to strictly follow the directions issued by the Yatra management, every so often.
14. Earth, water, atmosphere, fire and sky are important elements of Lord Shiva. The underside camp plus the entire Yatra
routes would be the abode of Shri Amarnathji. During your pilgrimage you need to respect the
environment and do nothing to pollute it.
15. All spend must be put inside the dustbin that is nearest. All wastes which are organic be placed within the
dustbin that is green coloured.
16. Lavatories/ urinals, set up in the camps and other places enroute the Holy Cave, ought to be utilized.
1. Don’t end at places that are marked by warning notices.
2. Don’t use slippers since you can find rises that are high falls on the path to the Holy Cave. Only wear
trekking shoes with laces.
3. Don’t attempt any cuts being short the route as doing so would be dangerous.
4. Do not do just about anything through your journey that is entire that forward/return might result in pollution or
disturb the environment of the Yatra area. Utilization of plastics is strictly banned in their state that is constant is
punishable under legislation.


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