Amarnath ji Yatra By Helicopter From Pahalgam Same Day Return

Amarnath ji Yatra By Helicopter From Pahalgam Same Day Return

Amarnath Yatra is typically the most popular holy and pilgrimage that is divine of in India. Amarnath Yatra is a journey that is scared a cave temple devoted to Lord Shiva. The cave temple houses an ice formation which resembles the Shiva Linga. This Shiva Linga formed in the month of May to August and gradually wanes subsequently, so the yatra that is holy organised in these months just. It is stated that the idol that is holy and shrink with the phases of the moon. According to the Hindu Legends, Lord Shiva recounted to Goddess Parvati the secret of creation of life and eternity in the cave of Amarnath, in this conversation without knowing them, moobs of dove also learn the secret in addition they began to once again reborn once more and and have made the cave their everlasting home. Many pilgrims have seen these pair of dove through the journey towards the cave temple.

Amarnath ji Yatra By Helicopter From Pahalgam Same Day Return Highlights  :

  • Same Helicopter Ticket
  • Confirm Ticket*
  • Group Booking Available

Details Of  Amarnath ji Yatra By Helicopter From Pahalgam Same Day Return :

Ticket Type : Same Day Helicopter Ticket
Destination: Pahalgam Helipad to Panchtarni Helipad and Pahalgam
Ticket Cost: For Best Deal Please Call Us

Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter Same Day Ticket Inclusions

  • Only Helicopter Ticket.

 Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter Same Day Ticket Exclusions

  • Any Air/ train or other fare.
  • Any cost for activities.
  • Tent Cost
  • We are not responsible for any delay in helicopter service or other issue. we can assist you but if charges for any cancellation or postponed/preponed Yatri have to pay directly
  • Stay At Bhawan / Meals Etc ( Not Mentioned )
  • In Case Of Bad Weather , Any Delay at Helipad or Technical Issue , Customer Have to Pay Directly.
  • Any Changes in Trip Not Permitted Once Package Confirmed
  • Items of personal such as tips, laundry and Anything not mentioned in Inclusions..
  • Any expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like flight delay / cancellation / hike in fare, strike or any other natural calamities or any emergency evacuation expenses.
  • Any additional meals.
  • Any entrance fees
  • Package Price is subject to change without prior update.

Note: Since, Yatra by people older than 75 years and children below 13 years of age has been prohibited by Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board, hence NO BOOKING shall be accepted for this age group.

Amarnath ji Yatra By Helicopter From Pahalgam Same Day Return

Amarnath Panchtarni– Heli service do not go to cave that is holy effect from 22 july 2009. You are flown to Panchtarni, elevation 3657mts, distance to Holy cave from Panchtarni is 6kms one way, walking time from panchtarni to Holy cave is 2 hours one method. Ponies and palkies are available at Panchtarni. Passengers leaving Neelgrath (Baltal) after 1000hrs hope that is cannot return to Neelgrath (Baltal) the same day, consequently not a lot of number of same day two way seats are issued. Passengers reaching Panchtarni after 0300 PM have little chances to go back to Neelgrath (Baltal) the day that is same. There are good quantity of tented camp accommodation available at Panchtarni

  • Yatris who wish to avail Helicopter Service to Panjtarni for their pilgrimage to Shri Amarnathji Cave Shrine are not required to seek Advance Registration through the designated Bank branches as their Helicopter Tickets is treated as Yatra permits for undertaking the Yatra (pilgrimage).
  • But Yatris that is such will needed to produce Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) for each passenger (Yatri), duly issued by Authorised Doctors/ Institutes as per instructions laid down by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB). Also remember that the prescribed CHC should have been released on or after a date that is specific by SASB by the Authorized Doctor/ Medical Institution. Record of these Authorized Doctor/ Medical Institution is made available onliner well over time prior to the commencement of this Online Helicopter Booking for Shri Amarnath Yatra.
  • Please note that No Yatri is permitted to board the Helicopter without first submitting the CHC
  • At the most five passengers could possibly be booked final year with one Credit/ Debit Card. The Credit/ that is exact same Debit could maybe not be utilized for booking of seats for next three months. The Credit / Debit Card utilized for booking is needed to be reproduced at the right time of the issuance of the Boarding Pass.
  • Children below 13 year in age, elderly persons above the age of 75 years and Ladies who are far more than 6 week pregnant aren’t be permitted to attempt the pilgrimage.

Cancellation Policy

# Time of cancelation Amount of Refund
a. 0-59 min before the departure of shuttle No Refund. Service Charges Non Refundable
b. 60 min -23.59 hrs. before the departure of shuttle 50% Refund, after deducting Credit Card transaction Fee as actually charges by the Bank and Administrative charges @Rs 150/- per passenger.Service Charges Non Refundable
c. 24 hrs. – 47.59 hrs before the departure of shuttle 70% Refund, after deducting Credit Card transaction Fee as actually charges by the Bank and Administrative charges @Rs 150/- per passenger.Service Charges Non Refundable
d. 48 hrs or more before the departure of shuttle Full Refund, after deducting Credit Card transaction Fee as actually charges by the Bank and Administrative charges @Rs 150/- per passenger.Service Charges Non Refundable
e. Shuttle cancelled by Operator Full fare Refund.Service Charges Non Refundable
f. No show by passenger No Refund. [in all such cases, the entire money (full amount of ticket price) shall accrue to the Board] Service Charges Non Refundable
  • Obese Passenger – a check on passenger weight is safety requirement, under rule smaller the aircraft more painful and sensitive the balance and weight become. For light-weight helicopters, such as ours used on Amarnath sector, dedication of centre of gravity becomes issue that is extremely sensitive with heavy fat passengers whom tend to disturb the CG balance which is a serious safety hazard, therefore in the interest of the safety of this passengers and helicopter we can’t accept passengers over 110kgs.
    Compulsory health certification (CHC)
  • Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC), to be released by anyone from the directory of the continuing state/ UT wise authorized doctors / Medical Institutions, is mandatory for every Panjtarni bound passenger. The solution could be invalid additionally the boarding would be rejected without the certification. This rule is applicable to both advance and scheduling that is current alike.
  • The format of Compulsory Health Certificate, list of state / UT wise authorized doctors / Medical institutions and guidelines for Doctors/Medical Institutions are available on the list respectively: that is following List of authorirized Institutions/Doctors for Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2015
  • Instructions for Doctors/ Medical Institutions authorized to issue Health that is compulsory certificates Yatra-2015)
  • No Yatris is going to be allowed to undertake Shri Amarnathji Yatra minus the Compulsory Health Certificate.
  • Yatra by individual older than 75 years and children below 13 years old has been prohibited by Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board, hence NO SCHEDULING shall be accepted for this age group.
  • Reporting time is not become confused with boarding time, Boarding will simply take place up to 2 hours after the reporting time.
  • People may carry only one piece of luggage weighing no more than 5 kilograms, any piece that is additional of can not be carried.
  • The liability of the company for damage sustained in case of death or wounding of a passenger or virtually any bodily injury suffered by passenger will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the second routine of carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, changes, etc. as notified within the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and also as amended from time to time throughout the course of carriage by atmosphere.
  • No accommodations or dishes are wanted to passengers of a flight that is cancelled. Shri Amarnathji Yatra takes place during monsoon season, whether conditions play a role that is very important flight operation there also can be a technical snag because of which flight may well not run. If flight is terminated refund that is full of ticket would be offered. No accommodation ,meals or cost of area transportation would be paid neither any price that is such be reimbursed or compensated.
  • Passengers of flight departing from Neelgrath (Baltal) after 10 am have little opportunity to return to Neelgrath (Baltal) on the day that is same flight.
  • Taking into consideration the distance and nature of the TREK since it takes 4 hrs trek to the cave that is holy trek back to panjtarni and another hour for Darshan and normally flights stop after 4 pm.
  • Passengers reporting to panjtarni after 3 pm have actually little opportunity to get the flight to Neelgrath (Baltal). Such passengers are encouraged to get hold of Panjtarni Helipad and get their tickets revalidated for following day before 3 pm on the date that is current such passengers will have to set up with inconvenience of a night at Panjtarni at your very own expense. Because of the factors as above we sell limited two way tickets, as such passengers time that is reporting panjtarni to Neelgrath (Baltal) sector is NOT allocated instead flights are offered on first come first provide subject to access.
  • Neelgrath (Baltal) To Panchtarni – Passengers would be carried on the foundation of following order of priority: In each of the order that is following citizens (below 75 years old) and women will get concern over other passengers within the specific order, so to say only after having carried the last male people from order-1 will the senior citizen and women from order -2 shall be offered a seat.
  • Whereas effort will likely be built to accommodate passengers in their group that is very own but is NOT always possible as we need certainly to make weight adjustment in preparing of passenger load or accommodate priority seats.
  • Health -if at all you might be unable to return to Neelgrath (Baltal) for some reason you ought to never prepare to spend the at the Holy Cave instead spending a night at panchtarni is medically preferable because of its reduced altitude night.
  • Shri Amarnathji & Panchtarni can be found in thin air. The supply of air in environment at this altitude is lower than 40% of seas level as such there is need that is grave workout caution.
  • Pilgrims with pre existing medical condition/s are encouraged to look for opinion that is medical deciding to just take helicopter trip to Shri Amarnathji.
  • Almost all pilgrims waiting to return by helicopter present themselves to be in severe conditions that are medical. Kindly note them all, we therefore offer chair in the region of our normal priority that we cannot determine who is considered the most serious of.
  • Because of uncertainties of weather during monsoon in the Himalayan area and other odds like slippery track , Track congestion , once way track, long queue, your physical fitness degree and temporary stopping of Darshan etc. can simply take more than anticipated time , therefore you are encouraged to keep a travel plan that is flexible.
  • Mahaguna pass situated at the altitude of 14000 legs on our flight way to panjtarni has a cloud that is peculiar during monsoon time and flights are operated topic to clear weather, consequently chances of journey cancellation are common during monsoon, whereas reservations and advance booking are offered months in advance. An additional helicopter is pressed into service as such we’ve no extra ability to support passengers from cancelled flight on after times, in order to meet up the exigencies of such eventuality present scheduling seats are perhaps not opened and again subject to weather condition.

We also provide amarnath yatra helicopter tickets with & without Packages. Without packages Helicopter tickets is supposed to be supplied topic to access .

Per restriction of helicopter tickets are around 500- 2000 each route but passengers reach in Lakhs to have darshan of shri amrnathji in approx 2 months period means avg 8000- 12000 per day time. So advance that is having verified tickets allow you to to have shri amarnathji darshan in comfort way.

Do not really expect timing associated with the tickets expect whether the tickets are got by you for your desired date or maybe not. Never place choices of time because its very hard to satisfy that

Then fill the under form and send us, we shall help you to have the helicopter tickets from both the route Baltal and Pahalgam in the event that you have query related to Only Amarnath Yatra helicopter seats and no Packages.

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After Getting Down From Helicopter

i. The Holy Cave is around 6 Kms from the Panchtarni Helipad. The Yatris traveling till Panchtarni by

Helicopter will have to travel the distance on foot or on Ponies / Dandies as may be available at

Panchtarni. Yatris must see the instructions that are generalDos and Don’ts), available on our website.

iii. Reimbursement shall be made by the Operators as per ticket printed price with according to cancellation policy

Following would be the Documents Required For Booking

  • Name of Pilgrim :
  • Date of Birth :
  • Sex :
  • Permanent Address :
  • Contact Number :
  • Identification Card Number :
  • Pilgrims Actual Weight:-

About Amarnath Yatra By Helicopter

One of the gods of holy trinity, Shiva plays the role of destroyer and purifier of evil. Certainly one of the absolute most worshipped deities of Hindus, Shiva is thought to have imparted secrets of immorality at Amarnath temple which now, is a tremendously pilgrimage that is sacred for the devotees. Every tens of thousands of devotees set on Amarnath Yatra to pay their obeisance prior to the Ice Lingam in the holy caves of Amarnath year. The caves located in Jammu and Kashmir open throughout the of Sharavan i.e. the months of July and August month. This trip to Amarnath temple in Asia is a very trek that is challenging devotees encompass an elevation of 14,500 ft. Chanting the name of their Baba that is bhole Shiva) pilgrims traverse through celestial beauty of snow-capped mountains and breath-taking vistas; an ambiance that feels to have enliven with some sort of divine presence.

Need for Amarnath Yatra: this shine that is holy believed to have existed for significantly more than 5000 years and has now a significant invest the Hindu mythology. It ended up being here at Amarnath Temple that Lord Shiva had revealed the key of creation of immorality and universe to their wife Goddess Parvati on her constant insistence. As the legend goes, in search of a place that is secluded uttering these sacred secrets, Lord chose Amarnath Caves which he entered free of all his worldly possession and only with his wife. Also now devotees visiting the shrine that is holy expected to leave behind all their worldly possessions on this pilgrimage tour in India, to walk on the path towards nirvana. Lord then narrated the secrets to their wife; however two eggs setting beneath his seat heard the narration that is entire therefore the pigeons born away from those eggs attained immortality. Also now many pilgrims claim seeing the pair of pigeons wandering around their route that is arduous of Yatra.

Stories Related to Discovery of the Sacred Ice Lingam – depending on common belief, vacated by the lord for years, Amarnath Caves were rediscovered again by a shepherd. A shepherd called Buta Malik ended up being given a bag full of coal by a saint which was changed into a bag of gold coins when he reached home. Then went straight back to thank the saint, but alternatively found the cave that is holy with an ice framework resembling Shiva lingam. According to another fable it was Bhirgu that is saint who discovered the holy caves.

Amarnath Yatra in India: added to tapering heights, journey to and fro Amarnath caves is a five day trek that is long. A 12 kilometre trek on the day that is first one to the scenic beauty of Chandanwari which can be set next to the coiled mountain of Sheshnag resembling the snake of Lord. Next 12 kilometre trek that is long heights and takes one across Mahagunas Pass and then to the beauteous pastures of Panchtarni. The newest inventions have now made Amarnath Yatra possible for actually challenged, seniors and also for the people wanting to go after an easier route to bow to their deity. Helicopter rides are now practical in the area making this pilgrimage easier for all.

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